The Ontario Engineering Competition

What is OEC?

The Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC) is an annual engineering competition open to undergraduate engineering students across Ontario. OEC is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the talents of young engineering students from across the province. As a result, a myriad of companies from engineering-related industries will be in attendance throughout the weekend to observe the competition and network with competitors.

In order for students to advance to OEC, each team must win their respective university’s  qualifier competition. Top teams from across Ontario will move on to demonstrate their design skills, communication abilities, and creativity at the OEC. The winning teams from OEC will then move on to represent Ontario at the Canadian Engineering Competition in March 2019, hosted by the University of Waterloo.

Hamilton City Hall (Picture c/o Tourism Hamilton)

Hamilton City Hall (Picture c/o Tourism Hamilton)

Theme: Urban Development

Every year a new theme for OEC is chosen to give the competition a unique and relatable outlook. This year, the theme we have chosen is Urban Development. This will shift our focus towards the City of Hamilton, and all the approaches being taken to make for a better urban future. Hamilton is currently faced with a set of new challenges as its economy grows to include infrastructure development projects alongside existing manufacturing and steel production. This theme will focus the attention of talented groups of engineering students attending OEC 2019 towards Hamilton’s initiatives that will spark their collective creativity and imagination.