(Frequently) Asked Questions

This page will update on a rolling basis as we approach the date of the competition. If you have any questions that have not been answered, please feel free to contact us at chair@oec2019.ca

When is OEC 2019 taking place?

The 2019 Ontario Engineering Competition will be held between January 18-20, 2019.

Where is OEC 2019 hosted?

The 2019 Ontario Engineering Competition will be hosted on McMaster University campus, the downtown Centre for Continuing Education, and at the Sheraton Hamilton Hotel. All guests, which includes competitors, judges, and observers, will receive accommodation at the Sheraton Hamilton Hotel.

How Can I qualify to compete at OEC?

Students who finish 1st at their respective institution of higher learning’s engineering competition are invited to compete at the Ontario Engineering Competition.

I won my institution’s qualifier. now what?

Congratulations on your win! We are excited to host the 40th Ontario Engineering Competition, where we can challenge the brightest engineering students Ontario has to offer. We will contact you closer to the date of the competition with further information on what we need from you to register. We will also be sending you information in the lead up to OEC so that you can be prepared for an exciting weekend.

I have qualified for OEC 2019 but have not received any information. what do i do?

Make sure to stay in contact with your school’s main contact with our organizing committee (usually the VP External of your Engineering Society) to ensure all the information is sent to you.

How much does it cost to attend OEC 2019 as a competitor?

1st place teams from internal engineering competitions must pay $320 per competitor. 2nd place teams from internal engineering competitions must pay $325 per competitor. These prices are consistent across all 8 competition categories. Note: in the event that a 1st place team cannot compete, and the 2nd place team takes their spot, they will pay the 1st place registration fee of $320 per competitor.

How much does it cost to attend OEC 2019 as an observer?

The current cost is $350 per observer.

What is an observer and what do they do?

Observers are non-competing persons attending the event. They get to stay at the Sheraton Hamilton Hotel with competitors and industry professionals. Observers get to attend all OEC 2019 events (ie. Opening Gala, Awards Ceremony, Competition builds and Presentations, etc.)

how do i pay for oec 2019?

You are only allowed to pay for OEC 2019 by written cheque. You must make your cheque payable to:

2019 Ontario Engineering Competition

All cheques must be mailed, and their delivery confirmed, to our address below.

how do i REgister for oec 2019?

Registration will be completed online, through filling out a Google Form that will be available on our website, which will also be sent to every Engineering Society. Registration needs to be completed by every qualifying individual of each team.

WHEN CAN I REgister for oec 2019?

Registration for OEC 2019 will open on Monday, November 12th and will close tentatively Friday, December 7th at 11:59pm.

What is your mailing address?

Please use the following information for a mailing address:

ATTN: 2019 Ontario Engineering Competition

Faculty of Engineering
John Hodgins Engineering (Building 16) Rm. 261
1280 Main Street West
Hamilton, Ontario
L8S 4L7

Will I be able to submit my resume TO the companies sponsoring OEC 2019?

Yes. A part of the registration form will be an option to submit your resume. Please make sure to indicate your program and year as well as your desired length of co-op on your resume.

i would like to sponsor the oec. how can i do that?

Thank you for your interest in supporting our competition! Our Sponsorship landing page can be located here or using the link in the navigation panel. It has an embedding of our Sponsorship Invitation for your convenience, and a downloadable version if you would like to review it on the go. Availability of spots for each sponsorship tier is kept up to date. We are flexible with your means of providing support, and our Co-VP Sponsorships Katya and Aly would love to chat and discuss that with you. Feel free to contact them at sponsorship@oec2019.ca.